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Introducing The Faumuis from Australia

We are happy to announce cooperation with talented Australian youth artists The Faumuis!

The Faumuis

Kashia (19), Salale (17) and Koebi (12) Faumui have been singing and performing together for over four years. Predominately raised and influenced by gospel and acapella music from a young age, the group have been exploring and broadening their interests in other music genres. All three have been classically trained in piano and have extended their interest of musical instruments to guitar, bass, ukulele, trumpet and drums.

The group developed their vocal ability to sing and harmonize through regular singing sessions around the guitar as toddlers, and under the musical influences of their Samoan father and Polish mother.

Having already performed at various conferences, corporate events and festivals with positive feedback, the group spent six months writing, recording and producing their first album “Seriously” which was released in January 2012. The group continued to write record and produce a number of albums of music and have a new album coming out this month, “Songs for Emma”highlighting the serious issue of child abuse in our institutions and wider community.

Pro Soul Alliance is representing and assisting in managing the band , focusing on promoting them in China.

To listen, visit their music page here.

For more information on the group contact or visit their website for links to their social profiles and numerous youtube performance videos.

The Faumuis 5 The Faumuis 3

Flash mob dances to JAMA Z's Audi e-tron music, Sanlitun, Beijing

We are proud to share the second video in Audi China's e-tron campaign featuring a flash mob of dancers in Beijing's famous Sanlitun TaiKoo Li area! See if the e-tron robot can match the dancers moves...

Later, videos were posted to teach you how to do the dance moves, and of some well known Chinese dancers here & here, creating their own dance moves to the music. Take a look and keep your eye out for surprise appearances of the robot!
(Note: These videos will load very slowly outside China and will have advertisements before)

Audi e-tron dancers Sanlitun Taikoo Li BeijingAudi e-tron robot

Rock On: top music games

Music in gaming is big. Advances in games technology have let the music industry devise games involving controls shaped like guitars, microphones and drums, that let people sing and play along with classic hits. These are the top music games to hit the market.

Guitar Hero
This 2005 game is of course one of the most well known and became a phenomenon as the first to feature the idea of instrument game controls that you use to replicate guitar and drum tracks. A lot of people still consider it the best one as, from Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand and Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne, there is a great range of music styles.

Def Jam Rapstar 
For those who prefer rap to rock, this 2010 karaoke rap game will be the perfect choice. It includes the classics Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg and Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys, with players able to rap along with the original videos. All you do is pick up the microphone control and get your flow on.

Vinyl Countdown
This slot features five reels of rock and roll imagery, including a rocker, dance shoes and glitter balls and uses a retro rock soundtrack to keep gaming levels high. It combines these with traditional online casino slot features like a 1000-coin jackpot, wild and scatter icons. This is available across various games sites which you can find through on your smartphone.

The Beatles: Rock Band
The world’s most famous band got in on the action with this famous 2009 game, similar to guitar hero in letting you play along using guitar or drum control simulators. Every Beatles song is here – from Please Please Me to Let it Be, while the game itself takes you through the band’s history through great graphics.

Just Dance
We’ve covered rock and rap, but what about pop music fans? This 2009 game where you try out your moves against onscreen dancers, using a dance mat control, features pop hits like Roar by Katy Perry and Blame it on the Boogie by the Jackson Five – while the fitness mode is a great way to lose weight.

Any of these games would make a brilliant party starter, letting all types of people get up and get involved in gaming through music.

Contact us to find out more about how to get your original music into popular music games.

Music theme for Audi China e-tron

We are proud to announce our cooperation with Audi China and our official theme music for the Audi e-tron, composed by Pro Soul's JAMA Z! It started with a viral video introducing the robot in Shanghai

More videos coming soon including a flash mob in Sanlitun, Beijing! Keep an eye out on our blog


Sound Design and Mixing on short film for Huawei

We recently did Audio Editing, Sound Design, Music Recording, and the Audio Mixing for this short film to promote the launch of the X1 media pad, a new phone meets tablet computer by Huawei. It's a colourful and glamorous piece of work that follows a man and a woman - the titular Mary Day - who have accidentally swapped luggage and work out the issue during an internet date.
We were able to get the real sound of the car used in the shoot for authentic feeling!

Huawei presents: Mary Day from Goodstein

Viewing from within China? See low quality version below.
We welcome you to visit our new Sound Design page to see more examples of our film and game work.

On the set of Huawei Mary Day film


By2 不哭了'No More Tears' official remix by Pro Soul's JAMA Z



By2's Miko & Yumi 
 Pro Soul's DJ JAMA Z

We are proud to finally release this official EDM Dance remix for Ocean Butterflies company for By2 hit single 不哭了, "No More Tears"

Although originally completed in December 2013 by Pro Soul artist DJ JAMA Z, due to management changes in the OB company, we could only get permission to release now for free download.

The remix was produced, mixed and mastered in Pro Soul 敬真堂文化咨询有限公司 Beijing studios.

Listen Here:


Download high quality version for free from or from

By2 with JAMA Z and Billy Koh


Hear the original version in their video here with almost 5 million views:

More exciting EDM remixes coming from Pro Soul Soon!

Our latest artist: China's Tracy Tan

We would like to introduce you to a unique and talented artist from China, Tracy Tan. Her first album called “Ten Years Adrift” is unique because each piece of music was written and sung by her.
As you may know, most pop artists in China and Korea are manufactured artists which means you really don't know who the singer is at all, they have been created by a company. It is rare to have an artist like Tracy who has written music from her own personal experience, and had the songs produced according to her own vision. She's also a great dancer, and will feature that in upcoming videos for the songs.

The lyrics from her songs capture the life of a young Chinese girl in the big city in Beijing, “Dreams are not that easy to realize; though there are tears streaming down your eyes, as if there were no tomorrow; if there’s a chance to escape the sorrow, to make your dreams come true, you’ll find that chance in you.”

Her lyrics shed light on what her life has been like for the last 10 years, since 2004.
No matter how difficult things got, she kept pressing on, and her attitude always reflected her words, “Strive to realize your dreams, and no matter what happens, never give up on love.”
Her courage and determination has brought her to where she is today.

The idea of a dream is rare amongst people in China, so Tracy's music gives a vision of a different and hopeful future.

Click play below for a track called 'Because I'm a Woman' produced by Pro Souls Jarome Matthew about life from the perspective of a Chinese girl:

More of the music from Tracy's debut EP album here: