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Music and the Mobile Phone

Music and the mobile phone

Experts now confirm that the top method we will all use to communicate within the next 3-4 years will be through mobile devices. That means it’s never too early to start implementing them into your promotional strategy.

In their efforts to analyze who their audience is and how to build it, artists must be aware that young audiences heavily use this technology and thrive on instant gratification, phone, laptop, iPod, game system, and whatever else emerges.

Mobile Marketing guru Helen Keegan of Beep Marketing says that Artists should be using their mobile phones to not only create and capture content themselves, but to help the audience get to the real essence of the artist, beyond branding and a manufactured image.

Pro Soul assists our artists acheive this by using Twitter and WordPress and such applications that can update social networking profiles from their phones, as well as integrating cutting edge software technology in their website design that ensures their site will look good and load quickly on almost every mobile browser available.

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