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19 year old novice shows music industry how it’s done

So, what can music industry executives learn from 19 year old musician Julia Nunes, getting more airplay than the last 20 bands that labels just sunk $2 million into trying to get on the radio?

BE REAL – it’s very easy to latch on to this story and root for the underdog, because she is — discovering her on your own, without a major push, is part of her appeal. But don’t pretend to be an indie if you are signed. Because once the word gets out, you are TOAST.

BE YOURSELF – Julia is not trying to be the next American Idol, and her fans appreciate that. She isn’t all dolled up and put on a pedestal; she has an honest, easy-to-grasp personality that makes her the best friend you wish you had. And that’s drawing a lot of girls and guys to her vids.

BE FUNNY – you don’t have to put on a clown nose and do magic tricks, but make people laugh and feel good about themselves, and they’re a lot more likely to forward your material to friends and come back to see what’s up in your world. Julia is comfortable in front of the camera, and her enthusiasm is very infectious.

BE CONSISTENT – don’t just post one video and expect the world to find out about you. But if you are consistent with your postings (and create good material), people will find out about you as word spreads. Used to be, you could coast on radio or video airplay until the next single. But these days, you gotta feed the monkeys to keep the momentum going.

BE ENGAGING – even though Julia is the performer and you are the audience, that doesn’t stop her from fielding questions every now and then and playing requests. She also keeps all of her channels open in order to receive emails from her various sites.

BE GOOD – believe it or not, being talented helps. As you can tell by the videos she has posted, there are a good number of covers as much as there are originals. As she finds her voice, gets her tour legs, and builds a larger audience by playing live shows, she will only grow stronger as a songwriter and a performer.

BE DIFFERENT – anyone can pick up a guitar and play in front of a webcam. That’s cool, but if you dig into her videos, you see how Julia has layered her own harmonies into the vids and chops up her videos with her doing more than just playing, so it definitely keeps the viewer always wondering what’s next. Don’t become a gimmick, but definitely differentiate yourself from the pack.

BE SIMPLE – hop on to her website, her MySpace page, her YouTube page, and you’ll notice they’re not flying at you with Flash animation and a million different activities. Yet all along the way, it’s easy to buy her tunes or contact her.

BE PATIENT – building an audience, building a repertoire, and building a history takes a loooong time. Julia has been posting videos for two years now, and as large as her audience may be, this is still just the beginning. Lots of labels have come a-callin’, but this is a marathon, not sprint.

This is a NINETEEN YEAR OLD girl writing her own songs and performing in front of her computer from her dorm room in Rochester, and getting millions of people to watch! By being honest and real.

Gee, that’s exactly the opposite of what major labels do with musicians… go figure.

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2 Responses to “19 year old novice shows music industry how it’s done”

  1. ger Says:

    having those incredible blue eyes also helps, actually…

    great post!

  2. D. W. Debtor Says:

    I have known about this young woman since this morning. Frantically searching out more, being let down repeatedly, maybe even here because I don’t know what to enter in “website” I’m typing this for nothing, and with a bum right hand. But I read what you wrote about her and it struck a bullseye chord with my first impression of her. Written by someone who knows how to communicate ideas! And is in the communication business. Finally, someone landing a job they were suited for!