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Adrian Essiet joins Pro Soul

adrian essietAdrian was born and raised in Lagos, Nigera but later moved to Canada by himself to explore a new life.

Adrian discovered his love for music at an early age when singing with his high school choir, playing the drums and flute alongside. Influenced early by Euro pop/Rock bands like U2, Robbie Williams, All saints and Jamiroquai, he often tried to experiment by mixing these sounds and tweaking the lyrics. Over the years his taste of music has evolved to become an electronic, synth pop style, with a Neo Soul flavor. Although he gave music a break for about 5 years to focus on college, he managed to practice the art of song writing.

Shortly after leaving Winnipeg and relocating to Vancouver, Canada he met with Producer Pierre Armstrong and penned a number of songs for an EP project.
Adrian’s songs have been influenced by his life and experiences during his travels. The resulting EP set to be released soon, is an ecletic mix ranging from upbeat electronic dance tracks, to laidback, emotional pop songs. The debut track ‘Crazy world’ is a cross over from contemporary pop with a dance feel.

Welcome to Pro Soul Adrian!
We look forward to assisting you connect with new fans that will appreciate your music.

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  1. Amah Jones Says:

    Adrian is one of my distant relatives and just like other musically gifted Essiets, he’ll achieve greatness someday.

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