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Music theme for Audi China e-tron

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

We are proud to announce our cooperation with Audi China and our official theme music for the Audi e-tron, composed by Pro Soul’s JAMA Z! It started with a viral video introducing the robot in Shanghai

More videos coming soon including a flash mob in Sanlitun, Beijing! Keep an eye out on our blog


Pro Soul Studios in Global News Chinese Rock Feature

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Global News    kUYfW1wC_400x400

(click here if the video doesn’t load properly)

One of the largest news organizations in North America Global News recently did a video for Canada about Chinese rock music scene featuring Pro Soul Studios producer Jarome Matthew. The video was played on the nightly news on June 23rd, 2014 across Canada for millions of viewers.

The video features a teaser for an exciting original music project we’ve been working on as well as famous Chinese rock band Escape Plan that recently recorded in Pro Soul Studios. An important point of the feature is are Chinese rock bands ready for the western market? The fact is, very few are, but working with a foreign producer makes all the difference and will give an band or singer a much better chance to reach not only a wider audience in China, but Internationally.

北美最大的新闻组织目前正在为加拿大制作有关中国摇滚乐的报道,并采访到在中国的音乐制作人我们敬真堂(Pro Soul Studio)的Jarome Matthew ,数百万加拿大观众在2014年的6月23日的晚间新闻中看到了这段视频。

视频阐述了我们一直致力于的对原创音乐的热爱,以及逃跑乐团(Escape Plan)在敬真堂音乐工作室(Pro Soul Studio)的录制过程。其中一个重要的观点是,中国的摇滚乐团已经准备好进军西方市场了吗?事实是屈指可数的,但是与西方音乐制作人合作可以为他们提供更好的机会,不仅是在中国吸引更多的西方观众,更多的是国际上的关注。