Pro Soul Studios, Beijing:
World class music production, composition, audio engineering and sound design.

Pro Soul sound recording and music production Studios, Beijing

Pro Soul Studios, Beijing

Why Pro Soul Studios is your best option in China for recording, audio production, music composition, mastering, and sound design / film post production:

    • Top quality equipment in the world, imported into China, no fakes or imitations!
    • Apple, Neumann, Universal Audio, JoeMeek, AKG, Sennheiser, RME, Universal Audio, CAD, Rode, Audio Technica, Sure, Mackie, Alesis, ADAM, Tannoy, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Tech 21 hardware with Mogami cabling and Neutrik connectors all the way!
    • Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic with Waves, Audio Ease, DUY, Abbey Road, Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, East West, Slate Digital software to name a few
    • 5.1 Surround sound mixing capability with 32bit, 96kHz sound quality, audio restoration and mastering to any format
    • In house professional music producer, composer and audio engineer Jarome Matthew with 20 years  experience working on North America with top artists.
    • We have a massive sound and stock music library with legitimate licenses
    • We work with some of the top artists and companies, like Cheng Lin,Kerman,By 2,Huawei & VW
    • Unlike other studios in China, We respect artists creative vision and suggest and assist, but never force our own ideas on a client
    • Unlike other studios in China, We care about our reputation, and want our clients to be happy enough to come back, and they do!
    • We have not only one of the largest recording rooms in Beijing for live bands, but knowledge and gear to record Rock & Roll well
    • We have a fantastic team of world class musicians from all over the world, western and traditional Chinese instruments and singers
    • Our work conforms to the most discerning western standards for higher quality than anywhere in China.
    • Despite our world class equipment, studio design, and engineers, our rates are reasonable, the same as Chinese studios
    • We’ve put a huge amount of time, trouble and great expense to make this one of the best, top quality studios in China!
    • We can ISDN connect remotely to other studios and talent, or patch you into our session from anywhere using Source Connect Now

Click Here to listen to some of the music we’ve produced.

Watch a feature about Pro Soul Studios from BTV here.

Here’s the recording booth. It’s professionally built to be completely isolated from outside sound, and is large enough to fit a full live band:

The studio is built in a renovated traditional Chinese courtyard building, with a sophisticated hardware/software system that corrects anomalies and imperfections in the room for monitoring speakers.

outside, front entrance:

studio entrance door:

stylish and comfortable, rear of control room:

Recording booth:

Jarome Matthew, Pro Soul Studios Audio Producer and Sound Engineer:

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