About Us

Pro Soul is a Canadian company with Studios in Beijing, China and Vancouver, Canada. We are the complete solution for top quality, professional sound, music and audio production, talent sourcing and localisation for over 20 years.
Pro Soul helps companies in the advertising, game, software and film industry to develop top quality stunning sound for their projects. We also assist bands and artists create world class music productions in both Chinese and international languages and styles. From start to finish, talent, composition, arranging, recording, production, sound design, mixing and mastering, we can realise any vision in many genres to perfection in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, as well as English, Japanese and many other languages from our large talent pool.
We also offer consulting and education in these fields and have provided exclusive studio workshops and programs for the Chinese public school system and International schools worldwide.

We Offer::

We Work On::

  • Feature Films
  • Apps and Games
  • TV Commercials
  • Artist Production
  • TV and Online series
  • Software and Products
  • All Audio Post Production

We Work With:

Our Mission::
• To provide companies and artists top quality talent, voice recording, audio post production, sound design, music composition & production, audio engineering as well as mixing and mastering in both English and Chinese
• To provide education in the fields of music and sound to allow both high school and adult students to realise their dreams and goals of creating professional music and sound.

Who: The Pro Soul team is comprised of experienced audio, music industry and business professionals. At the wheel is industry veteran and pioneer, Supervising Sound Editor, Jarome Matthew. As an audio editor, sound designer, engineer, music producer, composer, as well as DJ, remixer, and artist himself, Jarome has worked with top artists and companies for a wide range of projects and music styles for over a decade. He is trusted by the likes of Marvel, EA, Universal, VW and Huawei in creative and technical roles. His music productions have achieved gold status on Top 40 radio and have been featured on Polygram and MCA releases.
Our China relations and education manager is Iris Hu Ying, over 10 years in human resources in China,  Iris is an expert when it comes to people and sourcing the right talent for the the most challenging characters and jobs.
Our senior audio engineer Fei Hou was trained in Japan but is a Chinese native speaker and has significant experience with post production foley and ADR. We also work with a number of  contractors depending on the project.
The rest of our team is a group of talented and passionate translators, editors and sound designers ready for any challenge that comes their way.

Where: Pro Soul’s is located in Beijing, China and Vancouver, Canada. However, we operate globally, with clients and contacts from around the world. See our Contact Page for more information.

Why: We work in developing country where access to resources and unique management skills are key to getting your project realized effectively. In a world where appreciation for high fidelity sound is decreasing since the invention of MP3 and earbud headphones, Pro Soul is dedicated to world class, professional sound and music that is original and of the highest international quality. Our years of experience with western and Chinese clients help companies improve their profile and reputation, and assist artists to develop their music in a way that will bring them long term success at reasonable cost.

How: Pro Soul is resourceful and detail oriented. We use the best tools and techniques we can find, and consults with industry professionals worldwide to use the latest technology and discoveries to keep us current and effective. Our over 15 years of experience is a powerful tool to make your productions sound the best possible while keeping on schedule and budget.

For more information, please contact us.