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Date 30 July 2012

In our last post we announced our launch in China to serve the asian music industry and large, undeveloped market in China.
Here are some statistics that show why this is an important market from IPSOS, one of the top market research companies in the world as revealed at the largest music conference in Asia, ‘Music Matters’:

– Key Growth markets for digital music in Asia:

  • 1: South East Asia (Korea)
  • 2: China
  • 3: India

– 26% of mobile users in Asia downloaded music apps for iPhone, HTC, Android
(Much higher than music downloads)

– Radio only popular in North America, not in Asia where people get music by mobile & computer

– The majority of people in China listen to and get music via mobile phone, so mixing music for mobile, and getting on the top 3 mobile providers in China is essential to reach this market.


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