Happy New Year, Xinnian Kuaile! All about China in 10 minutes

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Date 4 February 2013


Chinese New Year is almost here, Year of the Snake, the legendary spring festival, fireworks are already going off all day.
To celebrate this rich and highly complex culture, we are sharing everything you need to know but probably don’t about China in 10 minutes, and details about spring festival and New Year:

Fireworks are always a big deal during new years here, I remember paying $10 for a pack of 100…
In China they come in cakes of 5000 for $40!
But that’s not the biggest, see below:

10,000 Firecracker cake, China

10,000 Firecracker cake, China

The fireworks here are some of the loudest you will ever hear. It’s like a war zone here for 2 weeks! Near our studio, people use very powerful ones that literally make the air move when they go off!
The Chinese believe that if you make enough noise, any bad things will be frightened off and your new year will start out with only greatness.


Fireworks shop, Beijing China

Fireworks shop, Beijing


Pro Soul Studio Beijing, entrance at spring festival

Pro Soul Studio entrance at spring festival

– Wish you have a good year! Eat well, sleep well, good health, Happy New Year!

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