Pro Soul Artist Elika Mahony’s new release: ‘Birds of Love’

Date 16 February 2009

We’re happy to announce the latest release from Pro Soul artist Elika Mahony!

On valentines day, Elika launched a book and CD gift set on her new website, both designed in partnership with Pro Soul Alliance. Birds of Love is a treasury of uplifting words and inspiring songs specially created for weddings, anniversaries, and loved ones.

Each book is hand made with a slightly different pattern of gold silk fabric. There are lots of options available for this unique package to meet the needs of everyone: A book and CD gift set, A limited edition gift set with a choice of two different fabric covers, autographed, with a beautiful hand-made gift card with gold envelope, or the CD by itself, and of course digital download from Elika’s website, or online stores.
Elika’s unique vision for the product was produced overseas in order to create a high quality, expensive product that maximizes earnings for the artist.

You can hear samples and see photos of the product on Elika’s new website which was developed by Pro Soul, who is also assisting in the promotion and release of the product.

Soon Elika will be giving away free downloads from this album for those who have signed up for her mailing list, which you will notice is the first thing you see when you visit her website. She’s a great example of a niche artist who with the assitance of Pro Soul is doing the kinds of things artists need to do to have a successful and sustaining career in music.

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