To the corporations battling piracy: You can never win.

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Date 10 February 2012

In our last blog we posted Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails‘ thoughts on the illegal downloading of music.

There are countless articles and comments on this topic, probably millions.
Here is one of the most recent from Forbes, by a young author that effectively captures some of the complicated and mostly misunderstood issues surrounding this debate:

It’s great that these kinds of articles are coming out now sharing more detailed information and truth, it’s just sad that it took over 5 years for the media to start talking about this and investigating.
We feel it is important to reveal that the fundamental ideas behind this issue and the often overlooked REAL reasons behind it were first brought to light in Andrew Dubber in a blog written over 4 years ago called, “Should I Be Worried About Piracy?“, part of the 20 things you must know about music online eBook.

The overall conclusion of this article and those experts who really understand what is going on is that ‘piracy’ is common because entertainment companies refuse to give consumers what they want, or do business fairly or honestly.
If companies who create film, music, and TV provided consumers what they wanted, the way the want it for a fair price, then there would not only be very little piracy, but those companies would make far more income than they ever can now. But they won’t, even after over 10 years of fighting and losing over and over.
So people continue to pursue what they want the way they want it, and that happens to be in a way that prevents money from going to the content creators at their own choice, which they call ‘piracy’.

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