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Date 17 January 2016

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Pro Soul Studios started the Digital Music Production workshop October 2015. The diversified group of 8 participants were from different countries with different music tastes, but they joined the workshop for the same reason – the passion for creating music on their own and on a budget.

Pro Soul music production workshop in the studio, Beijing, ChinaPro Soul music production workshop in the studio, Beijing, ChinaGetting underway with music production tools

Reason virtual studio software
REASON-the virtual studio software used in the Workshop

Pro Soul music production workshop in the studio, Beijing, China
In the first Workshop we covered how to connect the software with a computer audio interface and keyboard! Becoming Familiar with the Virtual Studio Software System, Hardware Integration, Sound Libraries, and File Formats, organizing projects on the computer as well as tempo, time signature and beats per minute. We also discussed what makes good music production by listening to well produced songs and how the good producer brings the best out of the artist.

Pro Soul music production workshop in the studio, Beijing, ChinaPro Soul music production workshop in the studio, Beijing, ChinaWorkshop 2: We did song track arranging basics based on what we learned about the Music Sequencer/Arranger , Audio Mixer, and loop based music production as well as basic MIDI note recording.

Workshop 3: We covered analog Synthesizer Sound Programming, Drum Machine use and programming, Music/Drum Loop Integration. Also Loops & Sample manipulation, giving us basic rhythm tracks.

Workshop 4: In this Workshop we cover Digital Synthesis & Synthesizer Programming, Digital Samplers & Sampling, and basic song arranging.

At the half way point in the program, we were really excited to see the achievements in the class in getting a foundation for creating their first produced song using loops and samples.
Each week the students spend at least an hour with the instructor working on specific assignments in the ‘workshop lab’ time, ultimately leading to the final project: creating a full original song in the genre of the students choice.Pro Soul music production workshop in the studio, Beijing, China
For the remainder of the workshop, we covered the  basic elements of producing a song such as instrument and vocal audio recording and editing, bringing the best out of the performers, effects processing, and mixing down to a stereo master. What was great was that the participants had a range of abilities that allowed them to be a part of the demonstration of recording instruments like guitar directly, with a microphone and recording and editing vocals. 1400788783 19592817681042936226 Many of the participants such as Brook above have produced and even released their own songs as a result of the class and accomplished the objective of having a complete song that they created themselves by the end of the program. We are very proud of the results of our first workshop participants and Pro Soul Studios looks forward to doing more music/sound related workshops in 2016 such as:
  • Music Production level II – Adanced
  • Sound Engineering level I
  • Remixing
  • DJing
  • Music Business boot camp
  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Sound Design

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Extra bonus in the workshop – free drinks and refreshments are provided during the break, and at the graduation party, thanks to Ella:
Pro Soul workshop break time

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  • Tichaona Sagonda 8 years ago

    Greetings from sunny Africa. I am a beat maker/aspiring mixing engineer from Zimbabwe.Starting in September I will be pursuing further studies in Hangzhou and I am very much interested in continuing with my music production. However I am finding scarce information about the music production scene in China. So was excited to find your site and the work you doing. Any information or pointers you can give me would be most welcome. Thank you in advance. Ciao!

  • prosoul 8 years ago

    Hello, That would require quite some time to get into, but what we can say is China’s industry is still in development, and most of what you may read about it would be in Chinese. You can read more in English on our blog or on

  • syed kashif hussain 7 years ago

    i want to learn how can i record my own song …
    i want to learn studio recording with music instruments…
    kindly help me i will be thankful to you …

  • prosoul 7 years ago

    Hi, Thanks for your interest.
    If you live in Beijing, China, you can register for our music production workshop here: