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Pro Soul producer Jarome Matthew has worked with artists around the world for over 15 years as an music producer and composer, as well as remixer. Working in a wide range of progressive styles, achieving gold status on radio and placing tracks on compilations by Polygram and MCA, He now primarily focuses on the styles listed below, helping to bring out the best of the artists and help them express their talents and create their own unique style with the best quality. Jarome has composed, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered material on these demos. Please contact us for more details and to hear the latest productions.


CHINESE PRODUCTION DEMO 01, 02: [audio:] [audio:] songs in Chinese demo 01:

*Beat Generation – Wang Wei *My Love, Football Theme – Kerman *Only One Earth – Cheng Lin *Sui, Huan, Woo Yan – Mobidextrous feat. Miss Melody

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songs in Chinese demo 02:

*From the Same Dust – Jiang Nan *Blessed is the Spot – Cheng Lin *Bird Which Soar – JinR, Green T *Hallowed Beauty – Zhao Li, Elika Mahony

POP PRODUCTION DEMO 01, 02: [audio:] songs in Pop demo 01:


*Cool & Careless – Heather Dore *I Know I Should Run – Deborah C *Plaything – Laura Harley *Eternal Beloved-Elika Mahony *Shine – Laura Harley *Enchanted Garden – Debra Lara *Sing Out Loud – Laura Harley

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[audio:] songs in Pop demo 02:

Origin Of All Things-Elika Mahony O Befriended Stranger- Laura H. This Earthly Plane-Elika Mahony

ROCK PRODUCTION DEMO 01: [audio:] songs in rock demo:

*The Bends, For Waking, Daylight Savings *Beat Generation – Wang Wei *Fame – Darryl Kromm *Stronger – Evolika *Hard To Ignore – Evolika

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ELECTRONIC PRODUCTION DEMO 01: [audio:] songs in electronic demo:

*Walking On The Moon – Jama *Slave To Trance – Jama *East is West- Jama Clori Wonder – Jarome Matthew *Earthen Vision-Jarome Matthew *Electric Cabana-Jarome Matthew

Note: Some demos above are unreleased and not final productions!

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