Digital Music Production – Part 1

Pro Soul Studios – Digital Music Production Program 

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Digital Music Production – Part 1

  • Workshop 1: Becoming Familiar with Virtual Studio Software System, Hardware Integration, Sound Library, and File Formats
  • Workshop 2: Music Sequencer/Arranger , Audio Mixer, Drum Machine, Drum programming, Song Track Arranging basics
  • Workshop 3: Analog Synthesizer Sound Programming, Music/Drum Loop Integration, Slice Based Loops & Sample manipulation
  • Workshop 4: Modern Digital Synthesis & Synthesizer Programming, Digital Samplers & Sampling, Digital Effects Processors
  • Workshop 5: Advanced Effects Processing, Tone Equalization, Filters, Audio Mixing Basics, Advanced MIDI Pattern Sequencing, Advanced song sequencing
  • Workshop 6: Device Automation, Recording & Editing Automation,  Automation For Basic Mix & Remixing, Music Production Techniques.
  • Workshop 7: Advanced Song Arrangement, Effects Processing for Mixing & Mastering, Basic Mixing

Participant Project Lab Outcomes:

– Connecting devices, selecting & saving sounds
– Programming Hip Hop & House music drum patterns
– Using synthesizers & creating bass and lead parts of a song
– Using digital samplers, and adding sampled sounds to a song
– Using music & drum loops and digital effects to enhance a song
– Sequencing and arranging tracks to create a basic song structure
– Using pattern sequencers and digital effects to enhance a song
– Creating proper song structure and using automation to control devices
– Creating basic song mix / master using equalization, effects, automation

By the end of the course, participants will have a professionally produced original song

This workshop will probably only be offered ONCE per year and space is limited to 10 people, so Click Here to register now.